Tokenizing YouTubers,
a DeFi solution to creator monetization

Xcademy plans to revolutionize creator monetization by creating a tokenized economy and marketplace.

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Furthering monetization & viewer loyalty for Creators

  • We allow Creators to mint their own token to reward viewers & further monetize
  • Creators unlock their own Creator tokens as they hit milestones
  • Increased watch time incentivized by token rewards
  • Incentivize viewers to hold Creator tokens by offering a variety of connection-based opportunities, e.g. merch, exclusive NFTs & voting rights on upcoming content

Viewers get rewarded
without changing their user experience

  • Viewers earn creator tokens through the YouTube platform
  • Viewers can trade creator tokens, acquiring tokens of high-prospect creators
  • Viewers can stake Content Creator Tokens in liquidity pools to earn multiples on rewards when watching content
  • Creator tokens can be used connection-based services, such as purchasing merchandise, social follow-backs, video shout-outs, exclusive content and much more
  • Creator token holders can vote on a Creator's future content, video ideas & other key decisions involving their channel

Creator NFT Marketplace

  • Creators can mint Unique NFTs
  • Creators can sell to their audience via fiat on-ramps, meaning they don’t need to have a knowledge of crypto
  • Exclusive NFTs unlockable through holding Creator tokens
  • Creators earn passive income every time an NFT is traded
  • Viewers can trade their YouTuber NFTs
  • NFTs unlock exclusive Creator-based benefits

NFT Moments Packs

  • Xcademy plans to further revolutionize NFTs for Creators through its 'Moments' concept
  • Viewers will be able to purchase NFT ‘packs’ which consist of a variety of 'Creator moments' from videos, with more iconic moments being more scarce & super-fan collector items. The moments consist of bronze, silver, gold & rare types of NFT moments

Xcademy Ecosystem

Earn, stake, view, and trade creator tokens via XCAD plugin

Track and Analyze Creator tokens via

Creator NFT Marketplace

XCAD Powers existing platform for aspiring Creators

Token Metrics

XCAD Utility

Powers Xcademy Creator DEX


Liquidity Pools & Staking

Powers real-world adoption on platform for aspiring Creators


Oliver Bell

CEO & Founder

Jeff Ward


Domen Trontelj

Community Manager


Lee Parsons

CEO & Founder of Ditto Music


CEO & Co-Founder of Anquan Capital

Co-Founder of Zilliqa


CEO of Zilliqa

Hatu Sheikh

DAO Maker Co-founder

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